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Year 11 Day 103 11:07
I was spending some of my combine points on some custom weapons that were to be used for WS only.

But then Jevon Lambright denied it saying "No Custom weapons allowed" but if I can only use them for WS and if you give the option to make weapons why is it a problem?

Normally I would DM him but the computer I'm using right now goes to a white square whenever I type in something in the names slot.


Year 11 Day 103 11:19
Because anyone scanning you in the SWC client doesn't know whether that weapon you're holding can shoot them or not (come combat, obviously).

Your best option is to get a very similar weapon and apply a custom image. Your next option, especially if similar weapons do not exist in SWC, is to simply RP them in the WS, since it's not particularly relevant whether you have the item or not.

Year 11 Day 103 12:59
Sadly though the Mods are strict about only using items you have in Combine and since I'm currently doing faction work I don't have time to buy a weapon anytime soon.

Year 11 Day 104 0:54
Buying a weapon and having it at your current location are completely different.