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Year 11 Day 103 17:29
I set all three of my custom NPCs on autopay so they don't leave like my brawler did but I'm wondering how do I know how much I'm going to pay them before I actually pay them?

Year 11 Day 103 17:37
I'm pretty sure customs don't require a wage.

Year 11 Day 103 18:46

Plus you could always manually work it out based on the equations, and their hiring cost etc.

Year 11 Day 103 21:32
I'll assume the equations are in a new tutorial page made when salaries were introduced and I hope customs don't need salaries but it's giving me the option of automatic pay or not.

Year 11 Day 103 22:05
If you don't want your NPCs (curom or otherwise) walking out on you, make sure you check your inventory to see if they are due their monthl wage, and pay it when it's due

Year 11 Day 103 22:36
Gwazi, I belive its in the NPC rules pages somewhere. But yeah Custom NPCs do not, and have never needed a salary. Unlike some of them which I think had a slaary and then had it removed since they didn't do anything at the moment.

Year 11 Day 103 23:20
NPC wages, including which types need paid and how much, are on the basic "NPC" page of the rules, with their own little header.

Year 11 Day 103 23:55
Speaking of salaries: when is the monthly wage due? Ah keep checking every day or so and mah NPCs are still not clamoring for their ryll-fill

Year 11 Day 104 8:52
Salaries are due the same time as FI runs - its all tied into the same bit of code. If the FI is not working (as it isn;t at the moment) then NPC wages will also not be working.

Year 11 Day 104 13:32
Don't have any FI so wasn't sure if it was fixed or not, thank you