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Year 6 Day 336 6:50
Persetian Velunant
Persetian Velunant
sice the new cockpit has become operational i can't cross terrain in my prospecting vehicle. I have tried to report this to the bug report center but they will not let me log-in or send me a password to enable to do so.

when i try to cross terrain i just get a automated error report says that this has been reported to the webmaster, but this has been going on for three days

Year 6 Day 336 9:25
On the bug base you entered your email as 'kranium', 've changed it to your profile email and have sent you a password.

Fixed the Cross Terrain prob.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 337 0:58
Persetian Velunant
Persetian Velunant
You will be pleased to know that i can now cross terrain however i can no longer travel within terrain. The same automated messege appears as before. 404 file not found etc.

Year 6 Day 337 4:00
should be fine now.


Kids these days!