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Archives » Locking features coming any time soon?

Just wondering if there is a rough ballpark eta when locking features on safes, lockers, trunk will be implemented, as well as the ability to bolt the first 2 down.

Surely this was available when doors were programmed.

I know there's a lot going on in SWC programming but it seems that 2010 targets are being worked on at the expense of 'easily' implemented features.

Sim Karr
Sim Karr
I am also curious about this and agree it would be a nice, easily implemented feature.

Why couldn't I bolt down a trunk as well? All three should be bolt-down-able, since the trunk is the only one widely available anyways.

But yes, I'm curious on the time frame as well.

Surely this was available when doors were programmed. 

It wasn't. I asked.

However, the code is largely reusable, and just needs someone to sit down and get it done. I thought I heard it mentioned that someone was working on it, but I'm sure the server stability issues and the problem with FI/monthly jobs has derailed a lot of things.


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Cool. Thanks for the info!

I was also thinking that they could be the same as a carried backpack.
They are unaccessable and seemingly only available to the carrier, so a quick fix could be to follow that path and only be open to the assigned carrier, that until a 'door' could be implemented.

Sounds like an interesting idea, so anybody assigned as carrier could pick it up? The problem is that anybody who picks it up is automatically assigned the carrier, so all I'd have to do to get into your trunk is to pick it up, drop it, and open it. Perhaps the manager could be the only one able to access it?

Or we could just stick to blast doors temporarily until the real deal is implemented.

Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Couldn't the safe/locker be 'deployed' like a bacta tank?

I don't mess around with bacta tanks but can't you just pick them up with an ag-sled anyway?

Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
I was thinking that bacta tanks can be carried around but they're no use unless they're deployed in the right place (med room). I was just thinking that there could be certain rooms where a safe/locker could be 'fixed in', obviously you wouldn't have 1 in a fighter cockpit, maybe not any ship other than caps for that matter. Only be able to remove them if you're commander of the entity they're in.