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Year 11 Day 111 2:09
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
I recently hypered to a system, when I arrived, there was a Starspeeder 3000 (NPC transport) at the same spot, I was not above a planet, but I was able to enter the ship.

Shouldn't this ship have been moving, and therefore not possible to board?

Also, I left some keycards on it, so when the ship gets destroyed at the end of it's journey (as the rules state) will my keycards be destroyed too?

Year 11 Day 111 8:43
Its possible that the starspeeders are set open to all to allow their passengers to get onboard initially. The don't necessarily stay above planets, but they should move I think. Not sure quite how they are programmed to move.

As for your keycards, most likely they will be destroyed. Can you give an ID number of one of them so I could take a look?

Year 11 Day 111 10:45
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
The keycard ID# 1598258

The ship StarSpeeder 3000 Star Tours (ID: 178193)

I was hoping I'd found the solution to unwanted keycards - destroy them on NPC transports.

Year 11 Day 111 13:08
From what I've seen so far, Starspeeders don't continue travel automatically after arriving at their temporary destination (i.e. after ascending/descending, sublight travel or hyperspace travel). During that waiting time, you should therefore be able to enter the ship if you are nearby. Maybe that's something that should be changed?

Year 11 Day 111 20:26
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
This is probably a yes, but would the starspeeder recognise that an additional player is aboard the ship (if you board)? or destroy him?

Year 11 Day 111 20:31
I would not board those ships...

the likelihood of you accidentally being deleted with them is pretty high.

Year 11 Day 111 20:35
Well Clarr, it seems a new method of suicide has been discovered.

Year 11 Day 111 20:54
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson
I would think so as well, Phillip. I myself found some of these ships stationary.

Year 11 Day 115 9:40
Heh, nice to know we can now sentence criminals to death via Star Tours.

Year 11 Day 115 13:57
"On your left is where Darth Vader died aboard the 2nd Death Star. Coming up on your right, is the location of your grave (still under construction, please wave to your gravediggers)."

Year 11 Day 117 11:25
Recalling the original Star Tours pilot, I imagine death is an extreme likelyhood.

(this only make sense if you've been on the ride @ Disney, I guess)