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Year 11 Day 111 20:06
What is the formula for crafting items with toolkits and crafting kits? And if there is somewhere on the site that says, please direct me to it, because I cannot find it.

Year 11 Day 111 23:31
Rules -> Items -> 4.Crafting items

Items may be created by players at any time using a crafting kit. The chance of success depends on the R&D Items skill of the player.

4.1/ Requirements
In order to successfully craft an item, one must meet the following requirements:
Have a crafting kit equipped in the hand slot
Not to be doing any other personal actions, such as force training, creating locks

Johnny Smith tried to create an item without a crafting kit equipped. He would get the result "you need a crafting kit to create an item."

4.2/ Creating the Item
All items takes 3 hours to create, and there is always a chance of failure. The chance of success is calculated as follows:

Chance of Success=60+(Skill*5)

Skill:Your R&D Items Skill 

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Year 11 Day 112 10:39
Why thank you my fine sir

Year 11 Day 117 15:50
Jad Quelben
Jad Quelben
Rather to open up a new post, I'll ask here. What can you craft with a crafting kit, besides keycards?

Year 11 Day 117 15:53
Lightsabers, if you're FS (and have the needed other stuff)

Year 11 Day 117 19:26
Also, Holocrons, once they are re-released, and only for FS people.

Year 11 Day 120 16:04
Jad Quelben
Jad Quelben
Thanks. :D