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Year 11 Day 113 8:49
This has happened to me several times now. My CP total is green, but no links are showing up to click on. Why?

Year 11 Day 113 9:01
Kal Djin
Kal Djin
I've noticed that there's one link that doesn't show up in IE or Firefox, but will show with a broken picture in Chrome and you're able to click it.

Year 11 Day 113 9:23
Hmmm...That's odd. Thanks.

Year 11 Day 113 9:35
Seems to be a missing or broken image. Please make a bug report about it (if one doesn't exist yet).

Year 11 Day 113 14:14
Vincent Strife Antaria
Vincent Strife Antaria
The one that's missing used to say "This account has been suspended contact your webmaster" or something along those lines.

Year 11 Day 113 17:59
Yes that one was removed and a new one replaced it. The image is broken, so there should just be a white line box with the red cross.

If you can't see that for whatever reason, just try moving your mouse over the area where the vote buttons are until your mouse pointer changes to the click link image.

Year 11 Day 113 18:02
There's already a bug report, the problem should be fixed by next sync.

Meanwhile, to get ride of the green, you can manually type :





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Year 11 Day 114 7:05
Or just copy it from your post. :)

I have faced this problem, and with firefox it shows up for a couple of seconds just while the page is loading.. Thats when I click it! But you gotta be fast..

Year 11 Day 115 7:47
my son uses IE and there it appears as broken but when he clicks it he gets a new site, not the suspended one. It works for him, not for me

Year 11 Day 115 12:14
Browser discrimination!!!

Year 11 Day 115 12:15
I'm on firefox, and it doesn't show up for me at all...not for even a second.

Year 11 Day 115 12:18
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Shows up fine as a broken image (which you can click on just as a normal image) in chrome.