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Archives » Question About transportation factions
Amerish Strom
Amerish Strom
I was looking through the rules about creating a faction and Transportation factions are no longer listed. Are they being phased out or are the rules changing for them? Just wondering.

If you notice, the rules page for Faction Creation is a bit messed up in general. Service and Production-type factions are divided up into two parts of each and the government is lacking and there's all sorts of messed up formatting. I'm sure transportation factions are still and will still be available.

Really hope Transportation Factions aren't getting phased out, ah don't know anything other than transportation (and, frankly, lacking the ability to learn anything else :P)

THere is no plans to remove any factions types at the moment (unless there are super secret plans Veynom has kept to himself so far). Most likely its just problems with the page showing correctly as Drexel said. If you are bothered about it, you can make a bug report to poke someone to fix it.

Amerish Strom
Amerish Strom
I was just wondering. I looks like a bug for the GOVT type faction is also missing.