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Year 11 Day 117 9:39
Can anyone help me? I'm stuck on the H-type Yacht QKI Flying Fin in Glythe - Varn (220, 80) I can not get off.

Year 11 Day 117 11:22
Are you the pilot or a passenger? If someone else is flying the thing, you may be in motion. Your best chance if that's the case is to contact the pilot and find out when you will be stopped on land again.

Year 11 Day 117 19:32
The admins cannot do anything at the moment. You will need to contact someone for that ship. If there is someone else on the ship with you, you can try sending them a message as they may be the pilot (PCs only, not NPCs!). Also, in the position interface there is a yellow Contact Owner button on the right hand side. Use that to send a message to the owner, and they can then either arrange for someone to pick you up, or assign you as pilot. Lastly you can make a thread in the Trader's Lounge, see if anyone knows the owner or is flying nearby so that they can scan the ship and see who owns it.

If you cannot contact the owner, then somoene flying near that area may be able to come up next to you and allow you to walk over and they can take you to the planet or something.

If after all that you still cannot find a way to get off, and you have been stuck for 3 weeks or more, we can drop your character and allow you to recreate in 1 weeks time.