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How does one, or is it even possible to, change the number of NPCs assigned to a production queue? In this case it is a ship that was started with too few NPCs. Do we need to cancel it and redo it (in which case, do we lose the DC use that we had) or is there another way?

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Year 11 Day 120 19:00
As far as I know, you can delete a project in the queue without consequences, and put it back with the correct number of NPCs.

If the ship is started yet, then it's another game. You can abort, and should if you really screwed up and are only a few hours from start. You'll lose minimal RMs and get DC back (though it was bugged at one time and don't know if it's fixed). Or you can swallow and wait the ship to be completed.



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Year 11 Day 121 5:58
We will have to cancel it then. Waiting would be three years versus about 100 days. Thank you for the help sir.