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Year 11 Day 120 22:09
Is cross game trading allowed within the combine or does the very nature of the combine expressly forbid it?

I notice you can buy CPs with actual cash and I really don't see how it would be different as far as in combine terms. I do see how it would be different considering that buying CPs is sponsoring the combine directly where as cross game trading is just moving invested assets around to other games.

Thought I'd ask before seeing if I could manage it. Otherwise I may try to sell off what I have on these other games that I don't play any more and re-invest it here.

Year 11 Day 121 0:41
Usually, cross-game trading only works/is allowed is if both games are owned/run by the same company, and as far as ah know, SWC is not involved/affiliated with any other games (not even SWG)

Year 11 Day 121 1:00
Not always. It requires a degree of trust from one party or the other than items promised will be received. Though here it seems that can be avoided with the use of trading middles. Generally it's up to the people who run/operate the game as to if they allow it. Same as selling accounts. Some games allow it to happen. Some don't. I know I read here that you can't sell your character off or give it away or transfer it in any form or fashion. I just didn't know if they will allow assets from another game to be traded for assets in this game. Why I'm bringing it up hoping to get a definitive response.

Maybe I should have brought this to "Ask and Admin".

Edited By: Lavish DeVille on Year 11 Day 121 1:06
Year 11 Day 121 1:07
I know paying people real money to other characters for assets is against the rules, but I'm unsure about assets between other games. I'd not do it unless you specifically get the go ahead from somebody who has authority on the matter.

Year 11 Day 121 1:08
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
I don't see that ever being allowed.

Year 11 Day 121 1:21
If paying real money for in game assets from others is out then cross game trading would be out as well as it's sort of like currency since it has value outside the game. Just thought I'd present the question as I couldn't find anything on it.

Thanks for the feedback.

Year 11 Day 121 1:38
Back in the day, people frequently traded SWC credits for WoW gold and the like. Just like for awhile, people were selling in-game assets for real life money. The Admins put a stop to that.