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Year 11 Day 121 3:11
hail SWC admins;

i'm kinda in a desperate situation and do not know where else to turn to.
what happened is this.

i made a terrible mistake of going out into open harmful planetary terrain
and paid for it with my consciousness.
i'm supposed to be healed by a member of Corellian Industries, but things went terribly wrong.
to cut to the chase, here is a recent message from one Zarthra Zoid to my superior officer, Dax Owok - who went through a lot to try to fix this - that i believe pretty much sums the whole thing up:

Year 11 Day 103, 0:24 : Message from Zarthra Zoid
Hello Mr. Owok,

I reported to a Tion head already, I believe he was kidnapped from a public hospital by the Var Kelen, I know where the sprint is he is on board but Damyo Kruder will not respond to my requests to have access to it. Either the pilot is inactive or Damyo had it planned. My personnel was not in the system when Lexarun was in the hospital. Maybe you can talk to Damyo, but I cannot do anymore than I already have.

I'm terribly sorry for all of this, and Lexarun will receive a gift from CorInd, if he manages to get free, for the inconvenience that was caused. A Var Kelen member needed to be healed at the same time as him, I didn't turn them down.

Zarthra Zoid,
Corellian Industries,
Olys Socorro.

Zarthra, Dax, and some others have done everything in their power to get to the bottom of this, but has been unsuccessful. i'm hoping to get some advice on solving this problem, and hopefully some help from the admins if they deem it necessary to intervene.

again, i apologize if this is the wrong place to post my quarry.
looking forward to hear from anyone.


Lexarun Valaxand

Year 11 Day 121 3:33
This is an in-character problem, the admins have no reason to interfere.

Hire a medical faction to pick you up. I recommend a faction.

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Year 11 Day 121 3:39
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Bromely, how about you be objective when answering in these forums and stop advertising specific factions. You can leave it at: "hire a medical faction."

Year 11 Day 121 3:48
There removed the blatant advertising. Also, you may have noticed Phillip, if you had read on, that he had indeed contacted a medical faction - Corellian Industries. He was even in a hospital before he was kidnapped from there.

Anyway, it remains an IC condition that you need to fix. Seems a stupid thing by the Var Kelen to do, since its unlikely hes an enemy of theirs. Anyway, I think we can consider it like any other game mechanic where you become unable to play the game, if after 3 weeks in this condition you still have not been fixed, or have an end in sight you can contact the admins and we can drop your character and get you to restart again.

Year 11 Day 121 8:55
First of all, i would like to thank everyone who replied after such short time.

Yes, indeed i was already brought in the care of CorInd who was supposed to cure me. Like the message said, we have absolutely no idea of why the "kidnapping" took place in the first place. i have obviously no quarrel with the Var Kelen.

Actually, mr Ellias sir, i went unconscious a few weeks after i joined SWC, and i joined SWC around December IRL. so i can say for certain that its been more than 3 months since i'm among the world of the undead. lol.

should you require verification, i'm sure my fleet admiral, Dax Owok would gladly provide necessary facts supporting my statements.

i'm open for further directives and instructions. if there is no other way, as Dax and i have discussed, i'll recreate my character. but if this one can be saved, i'd be even more delighted.

looking forward to hear more, sir.


Lexarun Valaxand

Year 11 Day 123 3:30
Year 11 Day 123 11:27
that's december 2009 by the way.
so you can probably imagine how badly i want to go back among the living again.

Year 11 Day 123 11:51
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
If it's been that long I wonder if you'd be a canidate to restart a new a account it's kinda like being arrested for 3 months, and dropping your characte, though arrested you only wait 3 weeks.

Edit: by new account I mean character and dropping your current with the Admins

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Year 11 Day 124 0:11
You may be right, Zero. I would love it if I can somehow keep this character, but if that's not possible and a recreation is the only way, than it'll just have to make do.

Currently I'm awaiting further instructions from the admins whom I believe are currently looking into the situation right now. I'm very new to SWC and I dont know the procedures for this sorta thing. Would hate it if something go wrong again.
I'm totally in the dark here. Literally. lol

Year 11 Day 124 2:02
Well, I would drop your character and allow you to restart. Only thing is that there is no one tool to do that, so I would have to manually remove your character, create a custom NPC etc, and as of yet, none of the other admins have managed to tell me what exactly the process is - epsecially as you should get a 1 week wait, rather than the 3 week wait you would get if you were killed.

Year 11 Day 124 5:25
Ah, I see... I didnt think its that complicated.
So then, shall I just wait to hear from you? or is there maybe anything you need me to do? information perhaps?

Thank you for going through all the trouble for this, Ellias.
I appreciate this.

Year 11 Day 124 8:20
Yeah, I've poked the coders etc, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long until we get you progressin in some fashion.

Year 11 Day 124 11:41
Aye, hopefully.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Year 11 Day 127 20:28
Year 11 Day 127 22:41
Ok, it should be done now - many thanks to Zhao for creating the tool. Let me know if it didn't quite work out properly.

Year 11 Day 128 10:12
Well, that was quick. Thank you for all your trouble Mr. Ellias.

So now all I have to do is wait for the respawn time to cool out and then I just create a whole new character, choose new starting location, etc?
Can I remake using the exact same name, Sir?

Please pardon the questions. This is a new experience for me. lol
Oh, and could you please send my thanks for Zhao for handling this as well, Sir?
I dont think it'd do much good if I use DM. >_

Year 11 Day 128 13:58
You can't use the exact same name. But you can use the same last name, so you could respawn as your characters brother, son, etc.

Year 11 Day 128 18:16
All names are one shot things, and cannot be used again. You may find that if you try, the code will prevent you from using it. Maybe. Otherwise, yes, once the timer finishes you basically start from scratch as you did when you first joined.

Just don't make the mistake of going after those that arrested you before - thats bad IC/OOC separation. People do do it, but its very bad form, and not something that you want to get into.

Year 11 Day 128 18:21
Unless of course you play as a relative of your now dead character, then it could be RPed up to avenging his death. But still, doesn't sound like a good idea in my opinion.

Year 11 Day 128 20:29
Ah, I see. Well, I guess I'll figure something out later.
This might be interesting for RP discussion. I have some ideas already.
Maybe a clone? lol

Okay then. Unless theres anything else I should know, Mr. Ellias, I would like to thank you and everyone else contributing their comment/actions around this topic.
Its been noted today that my problem is solved, and this topic can be closed.

Again, thanks for everyone who was around to help.