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Year 6 Day 337 23:58
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
As the proud new owner/operator of the Jinx Mistress, a Corellian YG-4210 starship, I found the edit button to be of particular interest. I assume this function is to allow the owner to customize the interior decorating. I wish to properly "decorate" my new girl but I am unable to find a reference that describes the canon deckplan of a YG-4210. Can anyone point me to one?



Year 6 Day 338 1:21
No i couldn't find any links but lets all raise a cheer for the YG-4210. As soon as my monetary donation is registered i shall be a proud owner of one as well. On an unrelated note, all resources i have found point to the YG-4210 being armed with either twin lasers or ions. As these can clearly be seen in the Combine picture i am wondering why it doesn't have them.


Year 6 Day 338 12:37
Because it's a cheap, unarmed newbie ship to be quickly affordable as an alternative to some lame fighter like the cloakshape for those who want a freighter instead.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 6 Day 338 18:04

How soon until after-market upgrades (like weapons) will become available? Any guesses? And please don't say SoonTM. I'd rather hear we don't know.

Year 6 Day 338 23:23
Traven, judging from the larger pictures, it looks like a cockpit area, a thin corridor back to the gunwell, and from there to two escape pods...not much else.

Dren, as Hal mentioned, because CP ships aren't supposed to be armed...to prevent me from flying to Coruscant to meet the Emperor in my unarmed ship...then quickly CPing myself in a gunship!

Guest/Visitor, 18 months


Year 6 Day 339 0:44
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
Cheap...unarmed...a Newbi ship....


She's obsolette. An underpowered and overworked little ship with a remanufactured atmosphere processor and a patch of corrosion on the rear starboard landing strut.

But the Jinx Mistress is so much more. Because even with her aftermarket Nav-computer and that second-hand food rehydrator, she's still worth more than the entire Imperial Fleet and all the worlds of Corellia combined.

Because the Mistress isn't just an antique starfreighter held together with harsh language and good intentions.

She is freedom.

That's what a ship truely is. And that's something no faction can assign you.

As long as she's still flying, I'm still free.

Keep Flying

Year 6 Day 339 0:51
*plays an old broken down guitar... though he feels a violin might be more appropriate*


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 6 Day 339 1:50
That was deep man *still wishes it had at least 1 gun even if it was an ion* :).


Year 6 Day 339 15:02
They're certainly one of the coolest looking ships, I agree


Year 6 Day 339 18:32
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
I agree that the CP ships should be unarmed for just the reason Djo mentions. But I await that glorious day when I can take the Mistress in for some "custom" work (faster translight, twin Ion cannons, maybe jackup the ion drive some) at the local gray market repair bay.

Year 6 Day 340 0:17
You and I both.


Year 6 Day 340 6:19
Something I was curious about (since I hold the datacard for the YG) is the price difference between it and the YT-1300. While the YT-1300 is a much, much better ship (stats wise) and cost a similar amount in rm, is there going to be a large production cost difference?

Nice editing of that little speech, Marcus :).

And if refits are possible later, then I will offer them for YGs at practically cost :p