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Year 11 Day 121 5:39

Ok...it says I was banned from SWC when I try to login. I don't have two accounts and I can think of no other reason why I would be banned. Unless, I was accessing SWC from my home over spring break and now I am back at school accessing from a different internet connection. But both times were from the same laptop. Also, I might have been logged on two browsers at once. Is there any way to get unbanned?
Also, I play SWC on a college campus so maybe there may be a few others playing over the same connection.

My handle was Tar Paulus

Year 11 Day 121 6:09
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
All hail the almighty Ban Hammer (Posted by Ellias on Year 11 Day 119)
Is it really too much to expect people to play with just one account. The following people have been banned for having multiple accounts, and can contact us in 30 days to have one account restored:

Khameir Zerren, Drako Zerren

Gary Noe (trying to make a new account)

Tar Paulus (trying to make a new account)

Tobias Hookmorris (trying to make a new account)

-Read the simnews, follow the directions.

Year 11 Day 121 8:13
Do not need to post in multiple locations with the same question/post.