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Year 11 Day 122 7:34
All of a sudden there are all kind of strange changes to the interface. Did I miss a memo?

Year 11 Day 122 7:38
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
April 1st Granny! (check your name tag)

Year 11 Day 122 7:41
We got hacked by rednecks!


I don't believe Hutts are a superior race. I know that.

Lanthrym system holosite

Year 11 Day 122 7:57
yeah baby:D

a day early to catch us off guard:D

Year 11 Day 122 7:59
It isn't April 1st, the combine has simply realised that Star Wars was too complicated a setting to create a game in and instead a switch to the popular farmville style of game is the best way to progress the game and attract a larger playerbase from the horde of facebook users.

Year 11 Day 122 8:00
welcome to the 'farmbine'

Year 11 Day 122 8:25
Trace Magus
Trace Magus
Talk about thinking about leaving the game O.o

Best one yet, if it is one :/

Year 11 Day 122 8:32
Very nice. :)

I think the art team let me down a little because the new image for a Gozanti isn't really THAT different. It even has the same functions: big, slow, can haul a lot (farmhands or stuff), and it backfires a lot. ;)

Year 11 Day 122 14:53
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
April Fool's :)

Not to mention Farmville is owned by zynga not Facebook.

Year 11 Day 122 14:56
This is funny, Kyria likes the pictures.

Year 11 Day 122 17:44
On the other hand, the Equipment and Party pages will stay - they are part of Psition 2.0

Year 11 Day 122 22:12
I would like to point out that the Art team was only responsible for the header and login pages - the Asims made all entity images. Therefore, I take no responsibility for the quality or assignment of them.

Year 11 Day 122 22:14
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Go former Gambit!

Year 11 Day 123 0:57
Why den cain't I drives meh combine 'arvesta outta meh tracta, i cain't eben git inta meh arvesta???