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Archives » Error has occured (bug report)
Year 11 Day 123 5:36
Hi there,
i can't get into the ground hogs that someone has assigned to me. an error has occured with remark :

An Error type: Exception with the Message: Argument 1 passed to visionGUI::set_Entity() must be an instance of Entity, array given, called in /swcombine/http/main/www/htdocs/members/character/position/ on line 176 and defined has occured. It has been stored as Error 29413.
If this bug has not been reported (check first, please), report it to the bugtracker at

Unable to commit due to rollback restriction.

pls help..

Year 11 Day 123 6:33
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
This is not a fix. It is only a suggestion and is what I did to get around the problem for the time being.

If the vehicles are docked, undock them first then enter. It worked for me. Hope this helps.

Year 11 Day 123 8:02
In the future, bug reports should be made on the official bug base, not the forum.