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Year 11 Day 123 16:13
Bardan Nyad
Bardan Nyad
i have been absent from the combine for a month and a bit, so i missed all discussion of crews. has a crew system been implemented? if so, is there a rules page about it?

Year 11 Day 123 19:54
It has not been implemented just yet. We are still working out the crew numbers, though I believe the actual details on how it will work are near completion. Most likely once its all ready there will be a week or so (maybe more) warning period before its introduced so you can get ready to stock up on crew when it comes out.

In the meantime, getting surplus ships docked in facilities or stations (I think) will mean that you will not have to worry about them degrading with no crew.

Year 11 Day 123 20:21
Degrading? As in taking damage?

Year 11 Day 123 20:43
No, as in getting more powerful...

Year 11 Day 124 1:53
Bardan Nyad
Bardan Nyad
:D okay,thanks. i was just curious

Year 11 Day 124 6:36
We were told that ships wouldn't degrade without crew. Now, is this not true?

Year 11 Day 124 8:15
Really? Hmm, the last I checked with that thread they were going to decay or something - seemed kinda pointless to have crew if not having any didn't have an effect. But as with anything here, things can change quite a bit up until the feature is released, and even then they occasionally change after release.

Year 11 Day 124 8:32
I think it was if you did not have a complete crew, a ship's operation stats would be declined. ie loss of shields, not full hyper etc.

But here is the forum link I found:

and the PDF rules draft:

It would be nice to have a few NPC darkness owned stations to hire from...

Year 11 Day 124 9:28
Ah so the stats would deteriorate. Just not continuosly, just to a certain point. Meh, difference, the stats would be decreased by not having them if not docked.

Year 11 Day 124 11:12
Thank you for looking into that -- that's what I thought. =)

Year 11 Day 126 18:57
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