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Year 11 Day 125 3:46
In an uncharacteristic lapse of memory you look around and realize you are no longer in the cockpit, and must return to access the controls.
You have no access to the cockpit.

is this a bug?
what to do?

Edited By: Buzz Stargazer on Year 11 Day 125 6:03
Year 11 Day 125 3:48
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Such colorful language...

Why don't you consider rephrasing it and I'll help you out.

Year 11 Day 125 6:30
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Thank you Buzz.

Good news is that it's not a bug. It just means that you don't have the proper privileges to access the cockpit/control room of the Starport.

To fix this you will need to be given Control Room faction privileges. That should allow you to access the control room for any facilities. Now don't quote me on this, but I do believe being assigned as the operator will also allow you access to the facility's control room. It's very easy to do so you can check it out and see if that works mate.

If you need more help please let me know.

Year 11 Day 125 7:36
There is one of 2 reasons for that error message.

1) You are merely the owner/commander and have not been assigned as pilot. Generally this means that you can still see the overall cockpit page, but cannot use anything, giving that error. Simply get yourself assigned as pilot. However this will lead to point 2:

2) If you were already in the cockpit room before you were assigned as pilot. This just means that it hasn't been refreshed yet. Simply click on the position interface link, then access the cockpit page again - it should now work. This goes the same for when you NPC-control other ships.