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Year 11 Day 126 13:07
Due to the nature of my IC Art business, I recieve a lot of DM messages. Some of my orders can take a while to complete as well. Im working on an order now that originated a few weeks ago, but the original DM i recieved is no longer in my inbox. I was told that all messages are archived and not deleted. If I could have an admin contact me about how I can get these messages retrieved I would be greatful. Especially since I need the original message as reference to complete this order.


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Year 11 Day 126 13:41
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
For future ,you can set it so a copy of the DM is sent to your e-mail.Its in account settings>contact information

Year 11 Day 126 14:07
Yes I already have the setting applied, however, this message was sent before i was aware of the setting


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Year 11 Day 126 17:46
Simple: Just DM one of us ASims with a rough time period (in SWC time that is) and who it was from/to. We'll then send you it if we can find it.

Year 11 Day 127 10:17
Is it really that critically consuming to extend the capacity of the DMs? Its like admins dont want us to use them.

Year 11 Day 127 10:24
Yes, it really is.

If you want to archive your own DMs, set up an email and set your DMs to forward to there.

Year 11 Day 127 11:17
Thats what I would like to avoid, having to send swc emails to my day to day account. Its just not ideal, but hey, maybe some day.

Year 11 Day 127 13:11
Set up a second e-mail just for DM archive purposes?


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Year 11 Day 130 5:28
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
Or if you use gmail (I only mention this because many people do), you could take your username and append +SWC to it. From there, setting up a filter and a label would be trivial.

Year 12 Day 243 0:26
Jecket O Drachen
Jecket O Drachen
Gmail for the win.


Year 12 Day 243 5:07
Whoa! I've seen a lot of threads dug back up, but one over a year old?!