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Year 11 Day 126 17:19
Kavaris Pelorii
Kavaris Pelorii
Greetings! I was recently told of SWC by a friend, and I made an account with the handle Torric Alakaar. Ignorant as I was, I submitted the application before viewing the "rules" in depth and only now realized that the handle is my character name, not just the site username.

I am now very learned of the strict policies of SWC, but I think that this could work out. I have NOT made a character yet, and that is the only reason why I bothered to post this at all. I understand why people are not allowed to change their handles after they've made characters. I believe my case does not fall into that category because I have not completed the creation process and a change in handle would, at this point, have no real effect on the community. Just think of it as two parents changing the name of their unborn baby after they had already decided on one name.

With all respect, I propose that you allow me to make another account, or somehow change my handle, in order to suit my character's profile. If I were allowed to make another account, the Torric Alakaar profile could be deleted and I would only have one account. There might also be some way to change the handle without creating a new account, as this occurs after a character dies. I would like to discuss this civilly before I am given any final judgement.

(If you were curious, the skeleton outline of my desired character is a male Hapan noble who either left, escaped, or was taken away from Hapes, and after a bit of wandering, ended up on Mandalore. I am fairly experienced at roleplaying Mandalorians, and I wanted to put a twist on things this time. Torric is a name I generally use for forums, but it does not sound Hapanii...)

Year 11 Day 126 17:43
You do not need to post this here - the support ticket you did was sufficient.

Year 11 Day 126 17:51
Kavaris Pelorii
Kavaris Pelorii
Thanks. I apologize for the double-approach.