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Year 11 Day 128 1:23

Hi, I was wondering - for some of the ships, there are descriptions such as "there is space for an improved hyperdrive" or I read things about sensor upgrades (which I understand are not in effect yet, but eventually will be).

Where can I make these upgrades?


Year 11 Day 128 1:50
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Upgrades are not yet feasible, well until R&D comes to play.

Year 11 Day 128 1:55
It's been said that ship modification, if implemented, will be a separate feature from R&D. So in a way, R&D has nothing to do with modifications except that modification will be implemented (supposedly) after R&D.

Year 11 Day 128 4:04
I actually had a little play with making some rules for modifications etc, but Vey has said that it will be part of the R&D path. This means that it will likely be after R&D is available, and possibly after reverse engineering is too.

Year 11 Day 128 13:55
So modifying ships will, at some point, be implemented? Yes! Hopefully I'll be able to add sensors to my Tartan (if I can get one, lol) before combat.

Year 11 Day 128 19:41
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Nothing is set in stone and Mods are not guaranteed to ever happen.


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Year 11 Day 129 11:31
Shhh... let Philip dream a while longer

Year 11 Day 140 12:31
If combat happens, odds are modifications will happen too. It is a larrrrrge part of SW canon and I can't imagine it not being worked out sooner or later.

Year 11 Day 140 14:17
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
That is only an assumption seeing you have no info on what is planned or how mods could be implemented. Mods are at best on the deep back burner and aren't even on our to do list.

Year 11 Day 148 19:05
[Off topic; not whining; ducking...just in case]

Which begs the question--is there somewhere to see what's on the front burner? If not, I don't really care, just curious. I scanned the various forums, so if it is there, I missed something. (For a second, I thought it might be "Timeline Project.") Pretty much every forum message says "when X comes out...", and I'm wondering what features the programmers are actually working on. For example, Combat tends to be the key word I see over and over again.

Not trying to start a spam war (and I hope nobody else does either), so if nothing like that exists...like I said, no biggie. (If I touched on a sore point for anyone, sorry...that's not my intent.)

This game seems pretty cool as-is.

[ducking a second time, just in case]

Year 11 Day 149 1:40
Your best bet is to look back at old Sim News posts and find the one from the dev meeting in Feb. That should have a nice flowchart of whats expected, in which order, and when. Of course things slip, new things crop up etc, but that is the general order.

I'm sure Phillip will pop up with it as its his best friend in telling him when combats going to be released.


Year 11 Day 149 5:55
Cool. Thanks as always, Elias. [Exiting stage left.] Thanks in advance to others. :)