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Archives » IRC Problem: Connection being refused
I was talking on IRC this morning when suddenly, I was disconnected from the server; and when I tried to come in again I would get this message saying that the connection was refused. I tried connecting from 2 computers, using 3 different clients (4 if you include the java client you have here) and I get the same message in all of them: Connection refused.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Relax, keep breathing. It's down, it'll be fixed eventually. Just check back in half an hour or something.

Thanks a lot. I thought the problem was on my end, since I've never seen IRC go down.

Yeah, not sure what happened. It was down when I got home. All better now! :-)



Used to have regular problems with not being able to connect to IRC, but that usually just meant having to try a different connector (had a few ranging from Baltimore to Paris to a few others) but havn't been on IRC in about 3-5 years :(

Not relevant to this, though; the server actually was down for about a half hour this morning and needed a restart.



Yeah, didn't read the other thread detailing how this was more a specific SWC-IRC problem