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Year 11 Day 132 12:08
Hey, so, my inventory no longer gives a ground location for things. Just the System/Sector unless the vehicle is docked.


Year 11 Day 132 12:19
I noticed that too. How come so many things are breaking? Is combat coming soon?

Year 11 Day 132 12:44
This is not the bug base.

Year 11 Day 132 12:55
No this is not the bug base. It's a forum for general questions relating to the combine. And I asked in order to see if someone already experienced it and had reported it or if there was some sort of context someone could provide to help out.

Clarr, aren't you here to help, not be asinine? Just, curious is all.

To the bugbase I go.


After this beer.

Year 11 Day 132 13:39
1) You didn't ask a question.
II) You already knew the answer you wanted.
c) Bug reports go in the bug base.

Year 11 Day 132 15:35
1) I did ask a question. I intentionally put a question mark at the end of the post to denote the questioning nature.

II) I did not, I came here for information about it. I think I mentioned that in my second post.

c) Thank you.