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Archives » Why isnt there any information about custom images
I've searched rules, guide, and forums. I can not find anywhere the proper procedure for submitting custom images, the image size and file size restraints, or anything else useful concerning custom images.

: Custom Images ::

Private Images: Can only be used by you and costs 500CPs.
Existing Images: A set of existing public images provided by admin and hosted on the Combine server and only costing 100CPs.

Images are restricted to the following sizes:
Room images must be 395x315
NPC images must be 100x100
City images must be 130x70
Ships/Vehicles/Stations/Items main images must be 100x100
Ships/Vehicles/Stations/Items large images must be: 400x300 to 600x600

All images must follow these standards of quality:
All 100x100 images must have a 100% intact Combine frame.
All images must have a solid black background.
No pixely or blurry images will be accepted.
No animated images of any sort.
Text on entities must be in good taste and real life symbols are generally a no.
Images must be the actual entity, no other entities are allowed in the image.
Entities from other universes are unacceptable.
Slight modifications are allowed but must be recognizable as said entity.
All NPC images must represent the correct race.
Engine flare must be kept to a minimum and must not discolor the background.
Lights on entities must be proportionate to the size of the ship and not cause any major flare.
Custom items only have role playing purposes, they may not reflect current or future items (lightsabers and such).
All offensive material will be rejected.

They're all right there on the CP redemption page.

Thank you.

They're all right there on the CP redemption page.
I'd have never thought to look there. Since I didnt know CP could be used for "painiting" my stuff, I've not bothered to earn CPs, or even to find out what they're for. If this information was put in a section about images and made easily accessible to the day-one-player, more people would do more clicking more often

Sim Karr
Sim Karr
It is quite accessible already, very informative and all nicely consolidated on that page.

The reason it is on the CP page is because you use CPs to customize. No CPs, no images. So we put it there. It is a CP rules page, just not in the usual rules section.

This thread on the public art forum also has everything you need to know:
Art Forum Information