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Year 11 Day 133 5:31
I can't seem to finish creating my character. I wanted to be a Selkath, so I manualy set everything up. I set my skills and my descriptions (I followed the rules) and then went to the 4th step where you look over your characters stats before confurming you characture. But for some reason, an eror poped up saying something about HP and that if the eror has never been reported before to report it now. Why can't I finiosh my characture? Can anyone help me?

Year 11 Day 133 6:35
Atin Argun
Atin Argun
Did it appear as some sort of Error thingy? 'Cause that happens to me too...

Year 11 Day 133 8:12
We have successfully fixed the error, it will be fixed when we next sync the server. We apologize for the inconvenience. You may now create your characters, and welcome to the galaxy.

Edited By: Jevon Lambright on Year 11 Day 133 8:14
Year 11 Day 133 13:15
Just to note this sync should have gone through on the server. Logout, login and see if you can create your character.