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Year 6 Day 339 21:56
Renga Sailon
Renga Sailon
Ok, so here's the internet situation my friend and I are in. I have a desktop and a laptop. The laptop gets wireless internet from the the DSL modem (the wireless router connects directly to the modem, it doesn't go through the computer or anything). I use both of them and access the Combine through both of them. My friend lives next door, and has a laptop that gets wireless internet from my wireless router. I may have logged into the Combine from that computer, I'm not sure, but anyways.... I told him about the Combine and he wanted to join, but I wasn't sure if I would get pegged as a multi, because I wasn't sure if the IP would show up as one because it's coming from one DSL account/modem or as seperate ones because they are seperate computers. Also, if I were over there and say he logged out so I could log in, would we get in trouble for multi accounts?
If this is against the rules, that's fine, too bad for him! Haha. Anyways, just curious. I just wanted to make sure we weren't going to get in trouble before I told him it was ok to sign up...

Year 6 Day 340 6:19
I guess as long as you sign up to claim you're multis, then there is no problem...

Year 6 Day 340 8:17
Contact syn@swcombine.com to be sure.


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Year 6 Day 341 0:47
If he's on your wireless network you'll appear to be on the same IP, so you'll need to be registered as multis.


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Year 6 Day 344 8:45
Chris Rundown
Chris Rundown
and it wouldn't matter to be on the safe side and register anyway. downsides are you need to act like multi's

Year 6 Day 345 17:12
Yes, if you're connecting through one account/modem both computers will indeed be on the same IP address and you will need to register as multis. Please e-mail me the handles so I can add you (syn@swcombine.com), and be sure to stay in the same faction or one or both freelance.