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Year 6 Day 340 7:46
It's currently going to take 'Reaching city FFC Development Zone 28 at (1, 4) in 7 Hours 56 Minutes' instead of the 48mins that was estimated. Why? I'm merely crossing terrain from 1,5. I saw (2) speed options in a drop down arrow after selecting 'cross terrain'. 10 and 20.00. I left it at the default 20.00.

Please remedy.

Oh, and I'm still unable to access the bug database, as repeated emails back and forth to get this name associated with my bug database account have been unsuccessful. The most recent email I received had my name incorrect as I'm no longer Talon Darksky, but Taalon Darksky. Even after clicking on the link embedded in the email and changing my password for the Talon Darksky login, I was still unable to log in.

Is there anyway I could possibly be allowed to post bugs in the bug database?

-Taalon Darksky

Year 6 Day 340 8:16
problem should be fixed now. I've teleported you to your destination.

As to the bug base. I've deleted the 'Talon Darksky' account and reset the password on 'Taalon Darksky', so there should be another email waiting for you.


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