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Year 11 Day 134 5:35
Still ending up at [502, 502] when trying to descend to atmosphere (at least the Hyper button is working again, but still can't land)

Year 11 Day 134 5:59
Luna Vox
Luna Vox
The server migration is probably screwing everything up. I plan on waiting until they say they are finished before reporting anything.

Year 11 Day 134 11:31
Bugbase please, not question forum.

Year 11 Day 134 14:31
Posted here because this is where ah was told after the fiasco of last time, just thought to post here so that someone who is already registered to view the Bugbase can make a report

But will probably do as Luna said and wait

Year 11 Day 134 18:08
Yep, looks like one of the syncs broke the descent code. When you descend it says, "we're heading for this ground co-ord" but then the other bit of the code goes "what, your not on the ground, how can you have a ground co-ord! Break!". Also means Clarr's unit tests didn't catch it to avoid it when syncing. SO we know the problem, and the coders will be looking at it to fix it ASAP.

Year 11 Day 135 7:25
Ok, it's now sending me to (x, 502), so it's improving, sort of :)

All sorted, able to descend to the right atmospheric coordinates now

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