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Year 11 Day 135 6:26
I'm having a problem that I believe is a bug. I can't seem to access the bug base. I've been away for a year or so and don't remember my password. The "forgot password?" option lets me fill it out, but gives no confirmation of process. It's been about an hour without a new password email/link. I've tried twice. Is this unusual?

I tried to log it anonymously to get things going and it put swcmember in the username field, but no password, hence It seems impossible to log in anonymously.

The problem I'm trying to log is a "stuck" lock install. "Actions Unavailable" and ETA: . (No time given.) It's been that way for about 10 hours now.
(just in case someone has a solution)


Year 11 Day 135 7:44
Voll Alucard
Voll Alucard
Use the new Ticket System instead, http://support.swcombine.com/


Year 11 Day 136 3:55
Year 11 Day 139 19:56
I tried the new ticket system (Ticket #465974)and after 3 days they told me to log it in the bug base. How can I log it in the bug base if I can't access the bug base. Can anyone help me with this.

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Year 11 Day 139 22:38
How about sending your problem with accessing the bug base to the ticketing system?

Year 11 Day 141 5:36
I did create a ticket with my bug base access problem.

The lock finally resolved after several days of install. The door jam fell on me and my attempt failed. At least that resolved. Now I am stuck in my ship which is docked in a larger ship that's being piloted by a droid. When I try to leave the room/cockpit I'm in, I recieve the message:

"An Error type: Exception with the Message: Atmo or ground coords set when in space/hyper has occured. It has been stored as Error 173.
If this bug has not been reported (check first, please), report it to the bugtracker at http://bugs.swcombine.com/"

So I'm stuck and I can't access the bugbase. Hopefully rthe new ticket will produce some positive results.

Thanks for the help.

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Year 11 Day 143 13:44
This AM everything is back to "normal". As normal as things can get in the Bine. Thanks to anyone who helped.