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Year 11 Day 135 11:09
" 2 Year 11 Day 134, 7:36 You gained 0 XP with the following message : Travelling in hyperspace"

Granted it was only about 17 hrs but normally I still receive a small amount. Before I report this to the bug base can anyone confirm that this is a bug and not some sort of new calculation I was unaware about.

Year 11 Day 135 11:48
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
I got the same 0 xp where it should have been more. Bug confirmed.

Year 11 Day 135 12:27
2 Year 11 Day 134, 6:03 You gained 0 XP with the following message : Travelling in hyperspace

That was after about 1 day :\

Year 11 Day 135 12:30
It seems its already reported. I've added a note confirming that I'm also having issues with xp gain. I'm currently testing sublight travel now.

Sublight isn't giving xp either.

Edited By: Randy Nightwalker on Year 11 Day 135 12:36
Year 11 Day 135 16:25
At the moment, ah'm just glad that Hyper is working again, and that you can descend to atmosphere, but hopefully they get this bug squashed promptly

Year 11 Day 135 19:08
Same problem with travel from Mustafar to Hapes. I can send details if needed.


Year 11 Day 135 20:48
Got xp descending to Atmosphere

Year 11 Day 138 16:54
any solution yet?

Year 11 Day 138 23:25
Got XP Hypering to a station (and next door and back again so ended up closer to the station), so 3 lots of Hyper XP plus 1 lot of Subspace XP, and that was this morning

Year 11 Day 139 1:45
It would seem that travel XP has been restored. If you are asking if you will get XP for the travel that was bugged, unfortunately there is no way to recover it, so those trips are a loss in that regard.

Year 11 Day 139 11:58
Yes, I want those xp that I should have earned traveling many days in hyperspace.

Year 11 Day 139 14:15
Yes, we all want stuff, but as Ellias said, it's not possible to track those XPs and restore them.