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Year 11 Day 137 14:32
I bought 20 death sticks but they show up as healing sticks. Was told by seller that they show up for the time being as that but wanted to make sure.

Year 11 Day 137 15:16
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
They have their own image on the rules page,though the healing and death sticks are similar in appearance..healing stick points to the left and the death stick to the right.

I am skeptical on your seller`s claims but I do not own any of these items to see 100% either way

Year 11 Day 137 15:24
He is a faction leader. They show as healing sticks and are named so. I take it i got scammed.

Year 11 Day 137 16:38
Death sticks are coded to appear exactly the same as healing sticks in the interface. You can only tell the difference by actually using them, that's the way it's supposed to be.

Year 11 Day 137 17:15
Year 11 Day 137 17:27
As Meph said - I don't know why the person that sold them to you said they showed up that way for the time being, unless you are paraphrasing them. If you find any way to differentiate between healing and drug items, bug base it so it can be fixed.

Year 11 Day 138 0:57
Why don't you try all 20 at once and tell us what happened?

Year 11 Day 138 1:08
Doesn't work, you can only use a single medical item on yourself at a time.

Year 11 Day 138 4:35
What about in a row? Or do you have to wait a certain period to avoid overdosing?

Year 11 Day 138 4:38
"Drug" items work just like "Medical" items, the only difference is that "Drug" items can have a negative effect on your health. No other restrictions apply.

Year 11 Day 138 6:23
No idea how either work, was just seeing if could trick Jack into seeing if there was an alternative to Sunning :)

Year 11 Day 138 8:53
Continuing the subject - are these drugs really addictive? Is it possible for a character to get the "addicted" status, and - if yes - what happens when next doses aren't taken?

Year 11 Day 138 8:58
You should go read the Medical rules page. It will tell you everything you need to know about how drugs work, and how they differ from normal medical items.

Thought there was a lot of interesting discussion about different drugs, and effects on the player and withdrawl symptoms etc, just keeping it the simple way we have now was deemed the best way to fit drug use into the PG-13 rating of this game.

Year 11 Day 138 12:07
I see, so basically they just reduce HP, and thats all. Thanks for the info.

Year 11 Day 138 14:50
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
My ryll patch says ryll patch in my inventory, it dont say bacta at all.



Year 11 Day 138 19:34
Bug base then please so it can be fixed. Unless its just the name, which could of been set by the producing faction.