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Year 11 Day 138 5:50
Is there a place we can look on SWC where we can see what features are working correctly instead of wasting time trying things that do not work right now?

Year 11 Day 138 7:39
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Currently, there is no page that shows the status of various features directly.

However, one can often skim over the bug report page and get a good idea of what is currently broken: Bugbase

Year 11 Day 138 9:02
If a feature is not implemented, there is no way to waste time on trying it as there will be no button or links to attempt it (baring the weapons pages in the cockpit/position actions sections). Features that are implemented, but currently not working correctly due to a bug are usually fixed fairly quickly.

As Evan said having a quick look through the bug base may be helpful, but generally any issues will be fixed within the week. Exceptions to this is when the main coder responsible for an area of code becomes unavailable for a period of time (such as with the recent production bugs I believe) and the other coders have to run up some speed to understand it as well as the orgininal coder. Or at least that is what I have gathered from their talks.

Year 11 Day 138 9:23
'Coders on speed'? why does that sound plausible?

Year 11 Day 138 10:24
Drega Loas
Drega Loas
What is a "reasonable" amount of time for a reported bug to be acknowledged/assigned or responded to?


Year 11 Day 138 19:37
Depends on the bug, what else more serious has gone wrong, and the overall number of bugs pending at the time.

Ellias did estimate a week, under "normal" conditions.


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Year 11 Day 140 8:07
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
What's working? 

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