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Year 11 Day 139 7:44
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
If a person was allowed to become a droid as a race, would their be anything in the combine code that could prevent them from re-acting like a droid?

This is in relation to my 'I'm R2D2... wtf!?' thread, (which was closed before these questions could be asked)

I mean, if they play a droid would the be able to be given an Ionic Capacity just like any other droid?

I understand that templates are already in use but could the character be limited to choosing from a template?

When shot is it possible for them to react like a droid (or would it be possible to implement in that way)

Year 11 Day 139 7:47
Since it was stated by the mods there that droid being a playable race is a restricted topic for new races, these sorts of questions are not that relevant. If and when having non-organic races are allowed, expect there to be answers to all these questions. But only then.

Year 11 Day 139 10:19
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Droids will never be a SWC race, knock it off.

Year 11 Day 139 10:31
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
why not..

Year 11 Day 139 10:43
The simpliest reason would be that most people don't want to play them. Also they require special rules (even in the table top game) and were a pain in the tail to keep balanced.

If you REALLY have to have a "Droid" character, why not play some poor sentient who BELIEVES he's a droid? Problem solved there. RP that he got plastic surgery to make himself look more like the droid type he thinks he is. Go with a protocol droid, most of them are bipedal.

Year 11 Day 139 10:51
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Surely not balancing them would be fine, if a droid is strong in any aspect he will go down with any ion weapon, they were a pain to balance in the RPG as everything needed to be equal, since this is also an economic simulation rather than a combat game then leaving them a little underpowered would but why not leave the choice to the player.

You also can't speak for the player base or future players, it would be small minor addition to the combine that stacks possibilities up for the future, even if for now their only difference is they are effected by ion weapons, and can't increase the first box of stats (on character selection, strength, dexterity etc).

Year 11 Day 139 15:50
This got answered in your other thread about this very same thing. How convenient!

Year 11 Day 139 19:09
Mr. Eagles, we don't need a droid race added because we already have more races than any other starwars game online. And if the Admins decided to change their minds, that's their choice.

Your hounding this is getting obnoxious. They said they don't see it happening for the foreseeable future. Leave it be. Kyria suggested a way it can be done if someone absolutely HAS to play a "Droid" type character.

Year 11 Day 139 19:49
3 threads? Stop spamming the threads with the same topic. Why the urge to bring droid characters into the game anyways?

Year 11 Day 139 20:53
He wants to RP as Bender...

Year 11 Day 139 21:14
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Does that mean I can be Hedonismbot?

Year 11 Day 139 22:10
You don't want to be Satan Claus????

Year 11 Day 139 22:23
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor

Need I say more? ;)

Year 11 Day 140 1:34
I'll play Beelzebot!