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Year 11 Day 141 6:03
In city design you can choose some ship and take a look how much hauls you need to gett the work done!. On the list is a TARDIS?? What the #$%@ is a TARDIS?..

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Year 11 Day 141 7:10
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
You don`t know TARDIS ship? Here`s TARDIS:

Year 11 Day 141 7:15
Oke how can i get one?

Year 11 Day 141 7:59
By killing The Doctor, or maybe even The Master (at least The Master's TARDIS doesn't look like a crummy blue police phone box from 1960's Britain)

Year 11 Day 141 11:08
If you couldn't tell the sarcasm, you can't get one. It's an admin-only ship.

Year 11 Day 141 12:15
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
You can`t get TARDIS, but TARDIS can get you.

Year 11 Day 141 17:41
'tis Sin's personal shack he flys around in. Us lesser admins merely get Acclamators to tool around in.

Year 11 Day 143 8:35
how do i get to be an admin??


Year 11 Day 143 8:46
Kai Oryk
Kai Oryk
Cyber-sex. Lots of it.

[Edit] Actually, maybe not. Try forgetting about Sin's poor sense of originality and focus more on playing the game/developing the game/not asking silly questions.[/Edit]

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Year 11 Day 143 8:59
The TARDIS may not be original, but it's still a pretty darn cool piece of technology: looks like a battered old british police phone box on the outside, but on the inside it has enough room to house a dozen Death Stars (just have to figure out how to squeeze them through the front door first),also has near instant transport to any point in time and/or space (just watch out for the landing though, might end up where you wanted by 200 years earlier than planned, or at the right time but wrong galaxy)

Year 11 Day 143 11:22
The Doctor's TARDIS happens to be an outdated an older model that isn't quite always accurate on the landing...
theoretically you wouldn't have to squeeze anything in the front door, the Doctor might just be able to teleport around the object in question. Somehow I doubt that the admins will ever worry about that.
It only looks like a police call box because the chameleon circuit designed to adapt the ship's image to blend in with whatever surrounding on whatever planet of part in space it ends up in. That circuit however, broke and stuck in the shape/image of a police box and the Doctor doesn't really bother trying to fix it.

Don't worry, it's a lot bigger on the inside.

Year 11 Day 143 12:00
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Crew requirements make it worthless.

Year 11 Day 143 12:43
It's pretty inaccurate. The hull is weak enough to be penetrated after being rammed by the space Titantic, but that only happened because the shields were down. Hull weak, shields super duper. Crew is only 6-8 anyway.

Year 11 Day 143 13:14
Your in luck I am auctioning my TARDIS on CPM.

Buyer definetly sends first

Edit: Sorry not the place to advertise my listings.

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Year 11 Day 143 16:41
Us lesser admins merely get Acclamators to tool around in.

- Ellias

Oh...I was wondering about the Acclamator I saw that had the owner as Darkness

Year 11 Day 143 22:32
Ah know all that Arch, been watching it since the 2nd or 3rd Doctor (we never got the 1st one over here), ah also know that the Masters' TARDIS tends to look like a pillar (can't remember if it too had a damaged chameleon circuit, or if he simply prefered that look)

Year 11 Day 144 20:33
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
I never saw much before the first 7 (8..). I didn't watch any until I had a college roommate named --get this-- Adric. Sound familiar? Was/(is for now) the only companion that died. His mother is English and grew up watching them all and named him after the character. So of course I learned all about Doctor Who from him and it also made me not want to watch a lot of the old ones since I already knew what happened and they looked really bad. Like really bad. Wobbly sets, that same damn quarry where all scenes on an "alien" planet were filmed... bleh. I just saw 9 and 10 and will see 11 (though he's so young! Haven't gotten to America yet have you seen him? Is he any good?)

I think the master prefers pillars. Just like the Doctor says he likes the blue box look, perhaps if the Master has a preference like that and his ship knows what he likes.

Year 11 Day 144 23:03
Yeah, was really sad how Adric died (he worked out the way to stop it from exploding, but the terminal had been destroyed)

Haven't personally watched any Dr Who in years, but mah sister is a huge fan, ah did like K-9 though (for those not familiar, think of the MSE droids with a dogs head and tail)

The wobbly sets and rubber monsters was what made Dr Who a cult favourite, have to remember, it started in the 60's in britain when they didn't even have enough money to keep the original tapes (Star Trek had the same rubbish sets and recycled cardboard 'planet' scenes, well, not the exact same, but you know what ah mean, the set designers went to the same school :P)