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Year 11 Day 141 8:00
Hey I've taken a transport to Legodyn and I've finally arrived, but it won't let me out. It keeps giving me the following message...

You are currently inside the StarSpeeder 3000 Star Tours.

The docking port is closed and therefore you may not exit. 

Is that just a bug and is there a way to fix it?

Year 11 Day 141 9:04
Have same problem.

Year 11 Day 141 10:41
It means the ship is still moving, or isn't at a place where you can get out.

If you thought you had arrived, (assuming you took NPC transport from a starport) check the ETA timer again. It gives the ETA for each leg of the trip, rather then the trip as a whole, so that leg of the trip just ended.

Year 11 Day 141 11:19
There was a note in the New Player forum that it might be bugged. Check for a bug report, or try to contact an ASim.


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Year 11 Day 141 12:04
Yup, ETA says 0 secs. Alright thanks, I'll look for the New Player Forum...where is it at? lol

Year 11 Day 141 17:46
Send me a DM with you intended destination and I will teleport you there.