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Year 11 Day 141 15:03
I bought some items on the market, they are in a system but how can i see where in the system?

Can I see who the former owner was?

Year 11 Day 141 17:40
You cannot know who the previous owner was. At least not through any code.

As for seeing where they are there is a show on galaxy map and some other stuff like that that should show where they are. If they are not lying on a planets surface (which would give you exact co-ords) then you will probably have to go to the Traders Lounge and ask to see if anyone knows where, or who owns the entity your stuff is docked inside.

Year 11 Day 172 13:30
Speaking of which, I have a question about buying on the market.

according to the rules, if someone dies their stuff can "go to the market, after a random delay between 7 and 31 days for each asset."

My question is, what exactly is that delay?
Is is a whole number, exactly 7,8,9 10 days? Or a number like 7.4627 days?
Can anything show up at any given time? or is it updated every 30 minutes?

Just how random is that random number?

Year 11 Day 173 20:57
Everything on the market shows up at 17:00 SWC time, or that was when it used to. Anything that is planned to go to market will show up at that time of day.

Year 11 Day 174 7:53
Ohrr Grek
Ohrr Grek
hm... 17:00 swc time is like 2am in the morning in europe. That basically means that you can never be the first on something when not living in the US. <.

Year 11 Day 174 8:48
Thats morning for us living in aussieland. Anyway Jevon, I have a sneaky suspicion that that regularity was something that was changed. Apparently it wasn't random enough in when stuff went to the market, which could be that it went at the same time of day, but on different days. So its possible that it has since been changed to show up at a random time of day as well as actual day.

But don't quote me on that, I am just guessing unless others have evidence to the contrary (or supporting).


Year 11 Day 174 15:53
1700 SWC time is noon here :P

Year 11 Day 174 18:34
Kainen Morguli
Kainen Morguli
7pm here...which sucks because that is when I'm usually at work.

Year 11 Day 174 23:08
Items will go on the market at any hour of the day, on the hour.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Year 11 Day 175 11:51
On the hour! good to know I dont have to hit F5 every single second of the day to get a chance of finding anything.
--Arch, out.