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Year 11 Day 142 1:13
had the times on this started yet? If not, any idea when? They announced it ages ago and said it was "imminent"

Year 11 Day 142 2:18
I think before it is implemented they'll need to fix the various bugs that are messing with construction.

I hope that before any new features are added, ALL the current features will be fixed, bug free...

Year 11 Day 142 3:34
Indeed it was planned to be introduced within the month of the announcement. However with all the problems with the server change its been delayed a bit. Expect a Sim News post when the timer has been activated.

Year 11 Day 142 15:05
Vytor Vex
Vytor Vex
Will we be able to see it?

Year 11 Day 143 11:01
Amaranth Kushiel
Amaranth Kushiel
When this is introduced, will there be a feature to allow the cities owner to see how much longer they have before the city collapses? I could see this coming up down the line when blank cities are put up on the market. The buyer might purchase the city to only have it fall a couple days later before they can even get out onsite to build something.

Year 11 Day 143 19:06
Cities currently have a made on date (like all producable entities). As for the market there was some discussion about that. Possible that only cities with more than 1 month of time left will be allowed to go up on the market. Will be dealt with by the time its released.