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Archives » Action Timers on 30 minute update cycle.
Amaranth Kushiel
Amaranth Kushiel
In regards to the following recent news item:

"On a related note, actions will now only have an updated timer every 30 minutes. So if your actions says 2 hours 30 minutes remaining, it wil only update to 2 hours on either the 1st or 31st minute of the hour." 

Is this 30 minutes based relative time to the time you started the action, or based on the global clock? Also, does this mean now that any action will only be processed at this 30 minute mark instead of its intended time?

Scenario 1 - Relative time:
Time 0: Action started - ETA: 45 mins.
Time 0-29: ETA will list as 45 mins.
Time 30: ETA will say 15 mins.

Will action be performed at Time 45 or time 60?

Scenario 2 - Global time:
Time 4 on global timer: Action started: ETA 45 mins
Time 30 on global timer: ETA 19 mins

Will action be performed at Time 49 or time 60?

Actions have always worked like this, the ETA now rounds to 30 minutes, for performance reasons.

Will this include actions like Ascending/Descending from/to planets? Currently, descending to atmosphere shows a different view of the planet every 15 minutes

Or is this only affecting actions that involve production in some form?

Travel isn't an action in this sense as I understand it, it's on a 3-minute tick. The sim news was specifically targeted at some Force bugs we have been having, as well as other actions such as crafting items, lockbreaking and the like.

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Amaranth Kushiel
Amaranth Kushiel
So I am gathering its is all based on the global clock? In that case, does the ETA round to the closest time 'tick'? (ie. If an actions ETA would take it to 5 minutes past the global check, will in be done 5 minutes earlier or will it be extended to the next check 25 minutes later?)