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Year 11 Day 143 5:18
I am stuck in the ocean and can't move anywhere. It wasn't my position and I wasn't travelling there.

Year 11 Day 143 6:38
Can you explain where you were and what you were doing prior to being 'in the ocean'? I haven't heard that sort of bug yet.

Year 11 Day 143 10:43
Well, I haven't played for a long time. I was in a city and then suddenly my location chanced all of a sudden. Now I just crossed terrain and when I arrived at my destination I found myself in the ocean not being able to get out. I think it is because I got teleported in my old position and the way I was travelling, crossing terrain, my destination, was where the ocean was. Now I am stuck and get out.

Edited By: Amar Ouirin on Year 11 Day 143 11:02
Year 11 Day 143 16:01
It sounds like the location you where at before you crossed terrain was next to an Ocean. When you crossed the terrain you weren't teleported you just traveled into an ocean. Of course I'm assuming you're on foot.

Year 11 Day 143 23:19
Yes, that is true.

Year 11 Day 145 2:16
He is going to be picked up! so you can lock this threat