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Year 11 Day 143 10:16

Allrite after stumbling upon the SW combine my roomate and i both signed up, i even emailed the admin and reviewed the multi account rules. I dont see how i broke them however, my application was still denied and his is being processed. Since there are so many problems we decided just to share his account. If his gets denied as well will i be able to reapply with no problems??

Year 11 Day 143 14:40
It's best to apply with one account, get it accepted, then try the second (listing the first as a multi). You should have no problems applying (listing his acct) once he is accepted.

Were you the guys where one applied with no multi listed, and then the other applied with the first acct? If so, someone must not have checked the join list to see that you were both applying at the same time.

Year 11 Day 143 18:57
When I deal with multis joining at the same time, if they both point to each other as a multi, then I accept. If one or both do not have the other mentioned, I refuse both because we cannot determine which is the correct account (could be you thought your account hadn't gone through etc). Best thing to do is to join up one at a time. And the second one mentions the first as a multi.

Year 11 Day 145 10:19

Allrite i took your advice and i will be registering first, but i have been waiting almost 48 hours for a reply on my application. And i already tried to get my password thinking i just didnt get the email but it tells me that my "account not activated yet". So im not sure what to do now??

Year 11 Day 145 20:14
I have just dealt with all the outstanding join requests. If you are still not accepted, please check first that you haven't recieved an email saying that your handle was rejected, and then post your handle here so I can check.