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Year 11 Day 143 14:17
Just lookin for a little help. I have a bug.

Bug Base:
I can't seem to access the bug base. I've been away for a year or so and don't remember my password. The "forgot password?" option lets me fill it out, but gives no confirmation of process. No email shows up.
I tried to log it anonymously to get things going and it put swcmember in the username field, but no password, hence It seems impossible to log in anonymously.

Support Center Ticket:
When I try to create a ticket for my Bug Base Access problem, it lets me fill out a ticket, but will not create one. It says:
"Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!"

The red dot tagged fields are name and email address, which the ticket program input itself and I cannot change (and wouldn't want to because the information is correct). Also tagged are the "help Topic" field and "Subject" which are also both filled out.

Topic = "General Question" from the pull down menu.
Subject = "Bug Base Access"

I've tried several times with no success on either problem.

Edited By: Emm Jlal on Year 11 Day 145 19:02
Year 11 Day 146 17:24
Try this link:

One of the devs pointed it out last night, for people that were having issues accessing the bug base with their accounts.


Year 11 Day 146 19:34
I tried the link and got this error:

404 Not Found

...however I was able to finally log a Support ticket about my inability to access the bug base. As to why it finally worked, I haven't a clue.

It looks like I'm on the right road. It's been a frustating couple weeks but 14 years an IT support pro has given me a realistic outlook when dealing with server update/change problems. Two marriages have given me a grounded frame of reference when dealing with annoyance. 40 years a professional musician has given me the ability to deal with just about anyone and being a father has given me the ability to cope with immature tripe. Despite all this, I feel I am in a new learning experience with the forum/support structure and it excites me.

I don't care as much about the CP's and XP's I "missed" out on as much as I do knowing that someone actually knows what's actually going on and cares. That's the important thing.

And after all, it's only a game.

Thank you, Ellias, for your help.