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Year 11 Day 143 14:25
The situation:
I am piloting a YV-666 (not my ship). I entered my own docked ship aboard the 666, a YT 1210, to install the locks while leaving a droid to pilot the 666. No problem.

First I had problem with the lock installs taking days instead of hours. That seems ok now. Then I could not leave my 1210. I got a bug message when trying to leave the room I was in. This to has gone away as of this AM and appears to be working now.

My problem is that when the 666 droped out of hyper I was stuck inside the docked 1210. I did not recieve any XP's for the trip.

Is there anyway to get these?

Year 11 Day 143 15:07
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
from the rules:

If you abort your travel by leaving your entity or boarding another entity, you will not get any XP for your aborted travel.

looks like no

Year 11 Day 143 15:25
Did you read his whole post?

I am piloting a YV-666 (not my ship). I entered my own docked ship aboard the 666, a YT 1210, to install the locks while leaving a droid to pilot the 666. No problem. 

Helping people is good. Actually reading what people write is good too.

Year 11 Day 143 18:54
I believe it only rewards XP if the assigned pilot is on board the flying entity. This is to prevent (back when you could drop out of a moving ship) flying a ship, hopping out and starting a bunch of them to get lots of XP quickly.

Year 11 Day 143 22:08
Ellias is right. If you are not in the main ship when it leaves hyper, you don't get XPs.

I don't think you can claim them back because of the bug. It's a minor annoyance, and I doubt Admins will look at it. You may try to take a ticket though.



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Year 11 Day 145 19:11
In the words of an old scoundrel, "It's not my fault... it's not my fault!"

Oh well it's a tough old universe isn't it. The wiseness, fairness and compassion of the admins are beyond reproach. Sooooo...

Thanks for the help anyway.

Year 11 Day 154 1:09
Ah was 6 hours away from the end of a 14 day Hyper-trip when the commander removed me as the pilot (the owner had had been arrested and the commander was 'securing' their assets), they did end up re-assigning me (about 4 minutes after ah logged out) but ah don't know if that would have made any difference by going back into the Cockpit

Ah understand the Exp is gone, but maybe could change it somewhere so no-one else has to waste 2weeks (was just 6 hours away from the end of the journey :()

Year 11 Day 154 2:07
Depends on when you logged out. XP when travelling is given to the assigned pilot that is inside that entity. And not in a docked entity, but so that your position says you are in that entity. Doesn't matter who started travel, when the pilot was assigned. All that matters is the pilot at the end of the journey.


Year 11 Day 154 2:23
Couldn't even see mah docked ship while in Hyper, so was still on board when the journey ended, apart from mah NPC Cap-pilot ah was the only one onboard

For about maybe 1-2 hours there was no pilot