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Year 11 Day 144 1:09
I can see the assigned dc's on my own shipyard!
(You cannot access this inventory due to insufficient privileges.)
I dont need privs for my own shipyard right?

Year 11 Day 144 1:11
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
You can see datacards assigned to a specific shipyard in the shipyard details. The datacard menu is for factions that own datacards, to assign them.

Year 11 Day 144 2:01
I know!.

But when i'm watching in my own inventory at my own shipyard and press the button view assinged datacards then i get the message:

You cannot access this inventory due to insufficient privileges

[ Manage Owned Space Stations ]
[ View assigned Datacards ]

Edited By: Anax Noctru on Year 11 Day 144 2:09
Year 11 Day 144 10:25
Same here. Sounds like a bug.

Year 11 Day 144 12:57
Vincent Strife Antaria
Vincent Strife Antaria
I've had the same problem with my factories for over a week. The issue is already reported in the bug base.

Year 11 Day 145 0:19
So then we need to wait!.