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Year 11 Day 144 4:31
I know this is in the bug base but people are not receiving there fidelity bonus, haven'd done for a couple of weeks now.

Someone mentioned it was because one of the links doesn't count when you click it? Will this be sorted?

Year 11 Day 145 21:35
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
If this is true ( I don't pay attention to it that much ) And if I haven't gotten mine also, could I please get them. Of cooouuuurrrsssee I vote through the goodness of my heart, but I've been saving up cps for a certain thing and those weekly fidelity bonuses really help.

Year 11 Day 146 7:24
I seem to have missed the bonus twice and it would be nice if someone did the decent thing and gave people what they earned.



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Year 11 Day 146 9:41
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
I'm sure that's the number one priority.

Year 11 Day 146 18:25
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
There was a time when this bonus didn't even exist. Its implementation isn't even that long ago, in fact.

So if this bonus hasn't been there for 11 years, surely you can wait a few weeks for it to come back. Just be patient. If you are that desperate for CPs, you can always receive some through other means (working in Combine teams, GMing white scenarios, donating to the Combine, and a couple of others that I can't think of right now).

I should propose to Ten's sense of humor. I love you sooo much <3


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Year 11 Day 146 19:58
Cesodevo Avina said:
"There was a time when this bonus didn't even exist. Its implementation isn't even that long ago, in fact."

So because there was a time when it didn't exist, or maybe because it's new, people shouldn't be concerned about the fact that it's not working right and not even bother to try to get what was earned, according to the rules. I'll use that marvelous logic with you. There was a time when you didn't exist, so I'll ignore you.

Year 11 Day 146 20:15
Zero Turner
Zero Turner

1) CP Bonus is not earned according to the "rules"
2) CP Bonus is a "Bonus" that can be earned, but it's a bug at this time
3) CP Bonus is listed under the CP Exchange System, "Support the Combine" where it explains how a bonus is earned per week.
4) Ceso and Tey were basically saying "be patient" and/or report the bug.
5) If you want to call someone out on the rules, read the rules first.



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Year 11 Day 146 22:15
Oh snap!


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Year 11 Day 148 21:39
Deleted Post
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Year 11 Day 148 21:39
Zero... very apt.

That would be Jlal not Jial, If you're going to call someone out on anything... Get the name right.

Regardless of where it's documentation is listed, it's still not working right. And if I could actually access the bug base, I would have known it was a bug. But I can't so I didn't. Thank you for thoughtful consideration and prompt attention to this pressing matter. It's so nice of you to actually make a list for me. How long did that take you? If not too long, perhaps you could read everything I post and make more lists. It awfully amusing.

Have a nice day..

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Year 11 Day 148 22:28
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
My bad Jlal,

I just listed it for you so you could actually "Read" something for once, bug base or not you can locate the rules right?

Click Here for the Rules

Anyhow, have a nice day too.

Almost forgot,

Edit: Click Here for Sim News Post Regarding CPs

If you read under, Issue with CPALead Rewards there is a post regarding the CP bug and the future redistribution of pending awards.

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Year 11 Day 149 4:55
Zero, the Sim News post by Vey is not for the weekly bonus - its for the survey voting bit to the right of that, which apparently not been working.

However, Vey did mention the other day that he had fixed the code for the weekly bonus (or Sin) so I would guess once its synced over it should be working again. Through I would guess you should wait for the sync report when it comes.


Year 11 Day 149 10:55
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Sound good to me.