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Year 11 Day 144 9:14
Amaranth Kushiel
Amaranth Kushiel
I have a question for anyone who might have an answer.

How do Multi sensors work? I noticed that they are listed as being fully implemented in their description, but I'm curious as to how they work and what their sensor rating is.

If they act in the same way as a ships sensor or whatnot to allow you to see what is around them, does it work (or can it be setup) that the user is not at the actual location of the sensor in order to view what it sees. (ie. Even if you have a city/station/facility/ship/etc in another system then where you are located, you have no idea what is happening around it.)


Year 11 Day 144 9:35
Drega Loas
Drega Loas
Not sure if this helps you but:

5.1/ Focus Scan
If you are inside a ship, vehicle, facility, space station or outside and equipped with a Multiple Sensor Pack item then you can initiate a focus scan on any entity in range. If you are outside and equipped with a Energy Sensor Pack then you can only initiate a focus scan on ships, vehicles, facilities, or droids. Similarly, if you are outside and equipped with a Biological Sensor Pack then you can only initiate a focus scan on biological entities (characters, NPCs, and creatures).

This scan will provide you more detailed information about that entity like weaponry, sensors, ECM and so on. If your sensors are higher that the target's ECM, then you will also see the materials and number of passengers, ships and vehicles onboard the target. Multiple Sensor Pack, Energy Sensor Pack, and Biological Sensor Packare considered to have a sensor power of 1.

The above was taken from:


Year 11 Day 144 10:01
Amaranth Kushiel
Amaranth Kushiel
Ok. So it would effectively allow you to bring up the same kind of information on any ship you scan as the information displayed through the Show Stats option on a ship through your Inventory Menu.

I guess it still doesn't allow for 'long distance viewing', but its still not too bad a thing to have.

Year 11 Day 145 21:37
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
I guess when combat comes that will be useful to see how damaged a ship is or something like that.