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Year 11 Day 145 4:10
I noticed people bitching about not being able to store rm's outside facilities/space stations, as well as item factions having to use escape pods to safely sell their goods. A fix to this is the creation of cargo containers, as they are very common in the star wars universe. The actual use of the mod con and bulk freighters in sw universe are soely for moving/using cargo containers, as they do not have an internal cargo hold.

"Cargo pods were carrying pods that carried cargo, supplies, and where used for transportation of Starfighters on spaceships like Star Destroyers. Cargo pods had a large spectrum of uses, from impromptu dwellings to gun smuggling, being able to carry several thousand weapons a piece. The CIS sometimes used cargo pods for transporting droids. Being able to carry 30 to 50 Battle droids per Pod."

"Cargo containers were storage units used to hold various foodstuffs, equipment, and even personnel. Containers were used by many factions of the galaxy to store and transport various freight through space. One such container was the Class-A Cargo Container, often hauled by BFF-1 Bulk Freighters. "

For moving them without ship/vehicle:
"Cargo movers were repulsorsleds with large handling claws."

Here is a link to a list of the different types of cargo containers/pods:

I know people are probably going to say KISS, but i think this is at least an idea to consider, i personally would like to at least see this implemented for the mod con, as I like the bulk the way it is, and it would make the mod con actually worth owning. Granted the specs listed for the pods dont really say tons/m3, but they do say dimensions, and from those the asims should be able to come up with decent specs for how much each cargo container can carry to better suit swc. This would give item factions an item to produce that the whole galaxy would need. The beauty of these is they are not required, other ships could move things without them.

Year 11 Day 145 4:51
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
It is best to continue this discussion in its existing thread}}

Year 11 Day 145 8:48
Indeed, there were plans to change the Escape Pod DC to a generic cargo container one for all ship factions. Mod Cons/BFF-1s etc will likely not have a modular type cargo system as it would be hard to code in.

Year 11 Day 145 10:50
All right, ive posted on the other forum. Please Close.