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Archives » Will mining lava fields ever be possible?
As this is supposed to be after all the sw episodes, i dont see how this is NOT possible. An example of sw mining is the mining on Mustafar, the place where Obi wan and Ankakin/vader fought:

The Mensix Mining Facility, also known as mining facility AG3-T, was a mining installation on Mustafar built by Mensix Corp near the ruins of the Klegger Corp Mining Facility destroyed at the end of the Clone Wars.

The destruction of their mining facility left Klegger Corp bankrupt, thus allowing Mensix Mining Company to take over as the primary mining operation on Mustafar.

The Mensix Facility was nearly an identical replica of the original installation, and even used the same technologies dating back to the days of the Galactic Republic. It could process almost five thousand metric tons of raw materials harvested from the rich lava flows every day.

As this is not impossible, and would some use for lava fields, other than a pain in the arse. Just want to know what the asims think about this, as im sure its been brought up 100 times.

Asking what may or may not ever be possible is usually an exercise in futility, because we generally don't think of tiny parts of features like that in advance, and instead just eventually do it one day if we agree on it and feel like it. I've never seen any indication that you'd be allowed to build anything on a lava square, including a mine, so I would think the answer would remain no.

Why does this kept being brought up all the time? I have seen numerous threads asking about this, using Mustafar as an example of building on lava/volcanic terrain. It was a single facility, and SWC currently doesn't support having only one facility without having an entire city slab which would mean that other facilities woiuld be buildable.

Ok makes sense, thanks. The reason people keep using Mustafar as an example is because it is mentioned in