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Archives » Quick question on Suggestions
Year 11 Day 148 1:37
I was thinking of making a suggestion, but I was not sure if It was a restricted topic. Would suggesting a change to the rules of escape pods be counted as restricted topic number 3?

Year 11 Day 148 10:52
I don't think so. Restricted topic 3 prevents (sort of...) people from suggesting changes in the ship stats (so people don't suggest that their favorite ship improved, etc.). As long as you're suggesting changes to the rules about the escape pod, and not "physical" changes to it, then it should be ok. In my opinion, that is.

Anyways, HUGE congratulations for being the newest player ever to read the restricted topics list before making a suggestion!

Year 11 Day 149 2:29
I was thinking of suggesting that all races will be allowed to pilot escape pods. There are a few races that can't pilot fighters and at the moment escape pods are classed as fighters. I think it would be unfair especially when combat comes out.

Would this idea be counted as being in restricted topic number 3? Oh and thanks, but I'm not a total newbie.

Year 11 Day 149 3:09
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Escape pods that are currently produced are going to be changed (probably into cargo units)

As for the ones that are actually installed in ships/stations, I'm not sure if they follow the same rules as the ones you're talking about.


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Year 11 Day 149 4:18
How escape pods currently work is only a temporary step towards how they will actually work in the future, I'm sure any racial considerations will be made when they are implemented as intended so there is probably no need for any suggestions regarding that at this time.

It is not however a restricted topic though congratulations on actually reading them, makes a change.


Year 11 Day 149 4:53
It is intended that when escape pods are ejected from a ship/station they will automatically move towards the nearest planet and make their way to the surface. Racial restrictions will have no effect on it.

And as Ral said its likely that the DC that all ship factions have will be changed or deleted. Probably best to wait on escape pod suggestions until its further refined.


Year 11 Day 149 5:19
Ok, understold!