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Archives » Gaining XP while Travelling in Space
Can someone please explain to me how to gain XP while travelling in space. I mean, I know you get XP based on the distance (not time) you travel in space automagically. But what I'm asking is whether there are other activities on the ship you can engage in during the long voyages which will also gain you XP. Which ones gain the most XP? I looked in the rules and couldn't find anything. In the forums I found a list of first-time achievements that gain a bunch of XP. I'm asking about the more run-of-the-mill post-first-time XP here.

Wow, I totally made that way longer than it needed to be. Yawn.

Keycards are always a popular XP boost when in hyperspace. To build them you need a crafting kit, then you can produce one every few hours. You can also build doors onboard your ship, for those you need a toolkit.


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You were also able to brawl with a Brawler NPC to get very minor XP, but at the moment that has not been reintroduced.


Thanks. Maybe give another day or two for people to comment, then please close.