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Archives » Faction Dissolution Switched On--So Many Questions
Why was faction dissolution "switched on?" Is it sometimes switched off? When and why? Or is that notice in SIM news just a way of letting the market know that a faction was dissolved and its assets are about to be sold? (Or that they are *currently being sold?)

Can someone explain to me how assets are sold upon faction dissolution? I read that "the faction assets are sold to the market for their current market value, after a random delay between 7 and 31 days for each asset." I was also told that you can only buy such assets at a Commerce Centre, Trading Station, or Centrepoint Station. Are the same goods sold at any of these? Are they on a first come, first serve basis? How do we know when the sale starts? Is it just word of mouth (or again, is that what SIM news indicates somehow)? When does the sale end?

I told you I had a 101 questions.

Not that I can buy anything at this point...too new. But wondering for the future how this all works. Thanks.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
-It was switched off because it wasn't working properly.

-Yes, the markets are just a way to access the inventory, the same items are sold everywhere.

-Yes, first come first serve.

-By frequently checking the market.

-When the item is sold.

As Ten said, faction dissolution had been switched off for several months because of a number of bugs causing factions to dissolve when they shouldn't have (causing admins to have to hunt down the sold assets), and factions not recieving their dissolution warnings, meaning that people had no idea how long they had left.

When a faction dissolves, a lot of their assets (barring a few types I think) are sold to the NPC market. The credits thus obtained, when added to the credits already in the faction, are paid to stock holders based on the number of stocks in total and how much each player/faction owns. I believe they are just lost if there are no stocks.

The NPC market goods are only obtained from those factilies/stations you mentioned. All of them access the same, universal market, thus whoever is there and buys them first gets ownership. As for when there is stuff available to buy, thats just luck. The market is always available to see by using the Market link under the inventory on the side bar. However you can only buy things from there when you are in the right place, as above. Though factioin dissolution is a nice warning as it pops up on the GNS, player death also causes assets to go to the market, and that has no warning. There is no 'sale' per se, so it ends once people have bought up everything on the market. THis usually takes a few minutes, maybe longer if people are not around at the time. Things are very, very, very cheap on the NPC market when compared with the player market prices.


Drega Loas
Drega Loas
Also, when you are ready to try and buy something from the NPC market, these locations; Commerce Centre, Trading Station, or Centrepoint Station, sometimes require some searching for...

It may require you to ask around in trading faction forums for access or a list of open trading stations etc...

I know Cnetrepoint had a list of commerce sites it operates that were open to all, but I don't know when it was updated:

You may also find some players and non-trading factions that have the needed types of entities.


Wow, great info, people. Very, very helpful. My guess was it was off for bugs, but I didn't want to accidentally guess bugs and be wrong. (Wrong impressions are hard to reverse.)

Thanks again, and in advance to any responses.

I found another list here:

Drega Loas
Drega Loas
Thank you Thomas, I was not aware of that one.